2009/2010 Road Tax Bands for Cars, Vans, Motorbikes

The rules on how much road tax (also referred to as vehicle tax) UK motorists pay were changed on May 1st 2009. The changes mean that tax rates for cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 are now split into 13 bands based on CO2 emission levels, replacing the 7 payment bands that were used previously (before May 2009). Therefore the amount of tax you pay will depend entirely on which band you vehicle is in, with tax discs for the lowest CO2 emitting cars costing a lot less than those for the highest polluting models.

Official CO2 emission levels are measured in grams per kilometre (g/km) driven when the vehicle is tested for 'type approval' before it goes on sale. You can find the official CO2 emissions figure of your car on the V5 Registration Certificate.

Road tax payment bands & codes

Road tax costs for cars first registered on or after 1 March 2001 can be calculated using the tables below.